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Mounting Options
Swiftcast Add-Ons: Tube Configuration Guide
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The Swiftcast is designed for standard raft and frame configurations for traditional rafts that are between 12'-15' in length.  For rafts that are smaller, larger, or have a narrow profile please review Riversmith's recommended Add-On components that you can order.

Please read our complete Mounting & Installation page for answers to many frequently asked questions

  • Channel Extrusion (2)
  • Channel Connector (1)
  • Reel Box (1)
  • Nose Cone (1)
  • 24inch Curved Tube (2)
  • Tube Cap (1)
  • Universal Mount (2)
  • 20mm Universal Mount Bolt (4)
  • Pipe Clip (2)
  • Slot Bolt & Nut (12)
  • Molle (2)

• Holds 10ft rods up to 10 weight (dependent on configuration)
• Total unit weight: 7.5 lbs

The polymers used in the Swiftcast are highly UV stable, impact and wear resistant. Below are some of its properties:  

  • Tensile strength, yield: 4750 psi 
  • Tensile strength at break: 4630 psi 
  • Flexural modulus: 287 ksi 
  • Compressive yield strength: 10900 psi 
  • Compressive modulus: 297 ksi 
  • Softening temperature: 105°C= 221°F 
  • Total unit weight: 7.5 lbs

The universal mounts are aluminum, and all the hardware is stainless steel with black e-coating.

Meet the Swiftcast Rod Holder

This innovative, universal rod holder can be mounted onto any standard raft frame or raft size. In addition to solving the problem of fly rod storage on float trips, the Swiftcast design has many other unique features. Beautifully designed bottomless reel box allows water to naturally drain as you work your way down the river. Streamlined curve of the Nose Cone smoothly transfers your rod from the Channel into the Curved Tubes. Riversmith is proud to make top quality products and accessories for those who love to spend time on the water fly fishing. With Swiftcast you can enjoy life in the current.

Purchasing Guide

by Raft Size

Raft Size

8-10.5 ft

Example > NRS Slipstream 96


  • Swiftcast Rod Holder

Only install one curved tube.
Will hold 9 foot rods with tube end cap removed.

Raft Size

10.5-12 ft

Example > WaterMaster Bruin


  • Swiftcast Rod Holder
  • 12 inch Straight Tube

Add one 12 inch Straight Tube in place of one 24 inch Curved Tube to reduce the total Swiftcast length. Holds rods up to 9 feet.

Raft Size

12-15 ft

Example > Outcast Drifter 13 / NRS Frame


  • Swiftcast Rod Holder

Standard Swiftcast Rod Holder will come with two 24 inch Curved Tubes and will hold rods up to 10 feet.

Raft Size

15 ft and greater

Example > RMR 16ft / DRE XD Frame


  • Swiftcast Rod Holder
  • 24 inch Straight Tube

Add one 24 inch Straight Tube to add length to the Swiftcast or simply use the Straight Tube in place of one 24 inch Curved Tube. Holds rods up to 10 feet.


Mounting Guide

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Swiftcast was designed as a universal solution that is adaptable to almost any raft. Learn more about the exact tube configurations for rafts by manufacture HERE.

Swiftcast is designed to protect a single rod. While you may be able to load a second rod, it is likely it one will be damaged as the reel box is designed to only secure one reel. We strongly recommend not carrying two rods in a single Swiftcast. You can, however, mount multiple Swiftcasts onto your raft.

Yes. The tube end cap is designed to be removed, which will allow longer rods to be carried. Please note, however, that the end of the rod will be exposed so do so at your own risk. 


Our fly rod holder boasts universal mounting options that accommodate almost all raft sizes and oar tower configurations. Whether you're rafting on a traditional raft or a specialized setup, this holder adapts to your needs, providing a secure and adaptable solution that complements your fishing style and rafting equipment.


Our fly rod holder for raft fishing offers unparalleled protection for your valuable fly rods, ensuring you never have to worry about broken tips or damaged gear during your angling adventures. Fish with confidence, knowing that your equipment is safeguarded by a robust and reliable holder.

Ease of Use

Designed with the angler's convenience in mind, our fly rod holder allows for seamless access and storage of your rods while on the raft. Whether you're switching flies or repositioning, you'll find that this holder enhances your on-water experience by keeping your gear within easy reach, so you can focus on the thrill of the catch.

Impact Resistant

Tube Construction

Custom Designed


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