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The River Quiver can fit on arguably every commercial roof rack system. Thorough review and testing of multiple brands and styles of roof rack systems were conducted to make sure there were no limitations with our product.
Durability and quality were a top priority when developing the River Quiver. It is a product built to last; our engineers have made sure of it through endless testing. Some of our tests included our engineering team throwing the River Quiver like a javelin across our parking lot (we don’t recommend this) and even then, we didn’t see any breakage of the reel box or rod tubes! We are so sure of the quality and durability of this product that we offer the River Quiver Locked & Loaded Limited Lifetime Warranty free of charge.
This is a no-go. Do not do this!!! Not only might you damage the River Quiver, but your car and the actual machine washing your car could be severely damaged.
Our customer service team will help you through the process. Just shoot us an email to info@riversmith.com and we’ll get you taken care of.
Nope. Unfortunately, we only take returns on items in new condition unless it falls within the terms of our warranty. We will help you out with any parts in line with our Warranty
The River Quiver will arrive in a single box with minimal assembly required by the customer. It will also include detailed instructions to simplify the process of assembly and mounting.
Look in the seat cushions of the couch, that’s where we usually start. If you still can’t find it, hopefully you placed the sticker that came with your locking kit inside your reel box or in another safe place. Contact customer service at info@riversmith.com and we’ll get you taken care of.
There is a place in the manual to record your key code. If you followed the directions during installation, you probably wrote down your code, so take a deep breath…you’re in the clear. Just contact customer service at info@riversmith.com and we’ll get you sorted out. If not, give us a call anyways and we’ll talk you through it.
Riversmith’s Locked and Loaded Limited Lifetime Warranty covers all River Quiver products bought from an authorized retailer for the original purchaser for the life of the product. We will repair or replace all products rendered unusable by defects in materials or workmanship. If damage is deemed outside the scope of this warranty, replacement parts and repairs will be made available at discounted rates.
Probably not, but if you are running a THULE Truck Rack, have XTERRA Factory Bars, or other very large aero style bars then you will. Standard round, square, or aero cross bars shouldn’t be an issue for the standard length mounting kits that come with your River Quiver. If you are in doubt shoot us an email and let us know your setup and we can help you with the process!