ShortCut River Quiver with Truck Bed Mount

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Interior Truck Bed Length
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Now with THE most discreet River Quiver mounting option you can protect what is most important: your time, your gear, and your experience. This custom designed solution allows you to install a River Quiver ShortCut onto cargo rails in your truck OR drill-in hardware mounts directly into the bed panel. 

  • ShortCut River Quiver
  • River Quiver Keys
  • Reel Box Pads
  • Rod Chairs
  • Truck Bed Mount
  • Direct-Mount Hardware
  • T-Track mount hardware
  • QR Installation Guide
  • Installation Multi-Tool
  • Length: 5'8 3/4" (accommodates rods up to 10'4")
  • Width: 2-Banger 8"
  • Weight: 2-Banger 15 lbs
  • Holds rods up to 10' 4" length (68" length)
  • Holds rods up to 9' 6" (60" length)
  • Holds rods and reels up to 12 weight capacity, lined with polypropylene liner to protect rods in transit
  • Rod Chairs keep rod broken down in half secure to avoid tangles when fully rigged

Features & Benefits

Truck Bed-Mount Design

The ShortCut River Quiver paired with this revolutionary mounting system is a great option for anyone looking to conserve space in their vehicle while still getting to the river faster. Simply split your rod in half and the ShortCut RQ safely stores your rods while maximizing real estate in your vehicle - purpose built to protect your fly rods.



Check out our complete user manual and installation videos to get get started

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A standard ShortCut is 5’-8” long from tip to tail and will not fit in a 5’ short bed. You can choose to remove the removable nose cone, cut down the aluminum extrusion by 8”, drill new 3/16” diameter holes for the nose cone rivets, and reattach the nose cone. In doing so, however, Riversmith is not liable for any damage caused by this DIY modification

Yes you can, as long asyour pickup bed is 5’-8” or longer. See first question in the FAQs for information on how to modify your Standard 2-Banger ShortCut for beds shorter than 5’-8”.

No, the bed mounts are designed to support 2-Bangers only. If you want to install a 4-Banger ShortCut in the bed of your pickup, please contact directly

No, the bed mount system is not designed to attach directly to or through bed liners. They are designed to attach to a cargo rail ordirectlyto the bed panel. Drop-in bed liners create a 1” to 4” gap between the liner and the bed panel resulting in no structure for the fasteners to grab. You can either cut out two areas in the liner for each mount to be placed against the bed panel or remove the liner completely. 

The bed mount slot nut for cargo rail attachment is sized to fit 7/16” and ½” deep cargo rails. If your cargo rail is shallower than 7/16” you may need to purchase an alternate slot nut that matches your rail. The thread size for the mount bolts is 3/8”-16. 

Yes, the bed mount can attach to your bed panel through your spray in bed liner with the self-tapping screws. You should not, however, ever attach through a drop-in bed liner. 

No, the mounting system is designed to hold the weight of the product with rods inside. Do not attach additional accessories or stack objects on top the ShortCut when installed with bed mounts. 


The ShortCut River Quiver paired with this truck-bed mounting system is THE most discreet option for anyone looking to conserve space in their vehicle and keep a low profile.


The entire unit rides in the bed of a pick-up and under a cover or cap/topper if you have one. High-security tongue and groove joint makes it almost impossible to break or enter the reel box.

Easy Installation

Comes with stainless steel hardware and allows you to install a River Quiver ShortCut onto cargo rails in your truck OR drill-in hardware mounts directly into the bed panel. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
High Quality + Boulder Made

Pulled up to the company HQ in Boulder and they cut a Shortcut for the bed of my new F-150. They even helped me install. Product is A+ and they guys are awesome. Proud to support a Boulder company.

Steve Sennott

Fits in the truck perfect, Now I can have two rods with me at all times so if I’m passing a river or brook that looks good I can give it a try.

Glen Simamora
Small but MIGHTY

The shortcut is the new way to fly fish. Love how subtle the shortcut is in my truck bed. Everything is neat and clean and I can go from the city straight to the river without worrying about anything at all. I want to get one for all of my cars/friends/family!!

Damon Drescher
Would totally recommend the ShortCut!

My ShortCut arrived super fast and the staff at Riversmith was so great. Got it shipped out asap and even double checked with me that I had everything I needed and nothing more. Install was super easy. The 68+ fits my standard bed just perfect. Mount system looks great and is super sturdy. Having my rods ready to go, concealed under the tonneau nice and safe has been just awesome. Being able to work on the rod at the with the tailgate down is handy. Rod chairs are easy to put on and off. They keep the rods safe. Would recommend this product. Also like not having rocket launchers showing off to everyone I'm a bad fly fisher. ;)

Thanks for the 5-Star Review on the ShortCut with Truck Bed Mounts Damon!


Fantastic product well built

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