At Riversmith, our journey is woven by the shared passions of two lifelong friends, Steve and John. Both anglers and entrepreneurs at heart, their shared passion for fly fishing and innovation inspired them to embark on a remarkable endeavor.

Frustrated by the lack of quality fly rod transportation gear in the market, Steve and John recognized an opportunity to merge their entrepreneurial spirit with their love for fly fishing. They knew that creating the perfect fly fishing equipment required a dedicated team of engineers and product developers.

Flagship Product

Months were spent designing, prototyping, and rigorously testing their creations. In 2018, Riversmith proudly launched their flagship product, the River Quiver fly rod roof rack, setting a new standard in the industry and captivating anglers across the nation.

Innovative Design

In 2022, Riversmith introduced the groundbreaking Swiftcast fly rod holder for rafts, a product designed to revolutionize how anglers navigate rivers while keeping their gear secure. This achievement marked another milestone in Riversmith's commitment to innovation and excellence.

Our Future

But the story doesn't end here. Riversmith's founders and team are filled with excitement about the future. They're hard at work on other pioneering products, each designed to elevate the fly fishing experience. The journey is ongoing, and Riversmith remains dedicated to enhancing your fly fishing adventures, one meticulously crafted product at a time. Riversmith HQ is located in Boulder, Colorado. It's a legacy built on friendship, dedication, and the unwavering pursuit of their passions as anglers and entrepreneurs. Welcome to Riversmith, where we're committed to bringing you the best in fly fishing gear and innovation.