Euro River Quiver (11'4)

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Mounting Options

River Quiver Mounts

Versatile mounting options make it possible to fit a River Quiver onto nearly any vehicle crossbars


Standard Mount

Mount Time: 10-15 Minutes

Added Total Height (including River Quiver Extrusions): 5”

Crossbars thicker than 1.5” require

Extended Bolts (Sold Separately)

Can be Secured with Locking Bolts (Sold Separately)

Mini Ratchet OR 4mm Allen Key

-10mm Nut Driver


Low-Profile T-Track

Mount Time: 7 Minutes

Added Total Height (including River Quiver Extrusions): 3"

Mounts Directly to Any T-Track System

Best for Overlanding Vehicles

Secured with Unique Key Driver (Included)

Mini Ratchet OR 4mm Allen Key

-10mm Nut Driver


Quick Release

Mount Time: 3 Minutes

Added Total Height (including River Quiver Extrusions): 4”

Quick and convenient Installation

Secured to Roof Rack With Lock and Key (Included)

Mini Ratchet OR 4mm Allen Key


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 30 Day Returns

Our Euro nymphing rod carrier will fit longer Euro rods up to 11’ 4” and offered in both silver and black. This has been a game changer for people looking to carry both standard fly rods and their Euro rods all in one fly rod carrier.

  • Euro Length River Quiver
  • Reel Box Pads
  • River Quiver Keys
  • Top and Bottom Coupler & Bolts
  • Mounts and Hardware
  • QR Card Installation Guide
  • Installation Multi-Tool
  • Length: 11'5 3/4" (accommodates rods up to 11'4")
  • Width: 2-Banger 8", 4-Banger 14.2”
  • Height: 7.4”
  • Height off Crossbar: 3 3/8" - 6" Depending on Mounts (see options below)
  • Weight: 2-Banger 24 lbs, 4-Banger 47 lbs
  • Versatile Mounting Solutions, holds rods up to 11' 4" length
  • Holds rods and reels up to 12 weight capacity
  • Lined with polypropylene liner to protect rods in transit
  • T-track on top and bottom of extrusion for mounting

Features & Benefits

Euro RQ Design

We have seen the ever increasing market for Euro Nymphing in the fly fishing space which is why we have ultimately decided on creating a new fly rod roof rack for European style nymphing. The River Quiver Euro is an extension of our Standard River Quiver model and comes with all of the same features.



Check out the full user manual and installation videos to get started

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The short answer is yes, but it all depends on the cross-bar system you have on your vehicle. We have three different mounting options that will accommodate all different roof rack styles and your specific needs. To read more about these mounting options, please click here.

Yes, the additional length of the Euro River Quiver does not take away from being able to have standard length rods in there as well. We understand people may have significantly different rod lengths with the Euro River Quiver so we made sure the additional length doesn't take away from using smaller length rods in the unit at the same time as euro rods.

You can most definitely keep the River Quiver on year-round. We designed it to ensure you can have your rod rigged at the ready no matter the time of year you are fishing.

The River Quiver can accommodate spey/switch rods with a minor tweak to how the reel sits on the rod. Simply connect the reel on the back butt section with either a reel cover or rubber band. When you arrive at your fishing destination all you need to from here is to re-attach reel into the reel seat and you are off fishing.

Yes, most SUV's with a hatch require the River Quiver to be mounted with both brackets on the rear half of the coupler. This is okay and does not affect the functionality of the unit.

Extended Length

The Euro River Quiver is specifically designed to cater to the needs of Euro nymphing anglers. With the ability to securely hold fly rods up to 11'4" in length, it ensures your longer Euro nymphing rods are effortlessly transported.


This rod holder provides a streamlined and secure solution for rooftop vehicle mounting, allowing you to transport your gear to your favorite fishing spots without the hassle of disassembly or worrying about rod security.


The innovative mounting options ensure quick and easy access to your extended rods, so you can transition seamlessly from traveling to casting, maximizing your time on the water and your chances of landing that prized catch.



"I opted for the Euro RQ because my buddy recently sold me on the fact that euro-nymphing is the most effective way to catch trout." -Ryan Chelius

Customer Reviews

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Scott Taylor
fantastic rod carrier; easy to use

We have a Euro 4 banger we recently bought, which works great. Last week we fished the lower Deschutes from Macks Canyon to the mouth. There's about 17 miles one way of dirt road to the boat launch. The road has washboardy sections, which I was curious how the Riversmith would hold up. It did both ways of that stretch with flying colors, no loosening, no excessive bouncing. Basically it was solid as a rock; thus 5 stars. I used the rod chairs on all 3 rods ranging from 8'9" to 10' to 10'8", using three chairs on the 10'8" rod, two on the other two, given the dirt road. The rods seemed to love it as well as there were no rubs or dings.

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