4 bolts and 2 short black plastic peices
8 bolts and 4 short black plastic peices

Spacer Kit

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This kit has two spacers with extended mounting bolts for our 2-Banger option and four spacers with extended mounting bolts for our 4-Banger option. 

The spacer kit allows you to add an additional inch to the height of the River Quiver fly rod holder on your roof rack. It can be used to make sure you have the proper clearance from a back window or hatch if needed. Without this integral piece you will be destined to hit your head on that back window at some point.


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Nuts not included

Just ordered this so I could fit my riversmith to a bed rack on my Tacoma. To my disappointment the spacers dont include nuts, just bolts. So now Im stuck trying to figure out where to get some.

Hi David,
Very sorry you found this unsatisfactory. I think it may just be a simple misunderstanding. The spacer kit is intended to add additional height to the mount, so it can clear in instances where the cab of a vehicle or additional accessories (light bars, etc) require. The Top of the bolt is unthreaded, so a set in nut would prohibit it from functioning.

It sounds like you may be after a different end goal. If you can tell me more about the mounting consideration you are trying to solve, glad to troubleshoot and get you the correct parts to get mounted and secure. We are always here to help!
Rick & the Riversmith Team