Destination Travel & Redfish with Amanda Willshire

Destination Travel & Redfish with Amanda Willshire

Editor's note: we'll continue to highlight fishing trip reports and adventures with people we know who are going to have an epic fly fishing destination travel itinerary in 2024.  Here's a dispatch from Colorado's own Amanda Willshire from Louisiana...

Words & Photos Courtesy of Amanda Willshire

The first morning trip to Louisiana in search of redfish, we hit the water pretty early. A front was moving in and we were trying to beat the winds coming with it.

Once we reached our first stop to scout for fish, I was on the bow first. About 10 minutes in, a large stingray crossed in front of the boat moving right to left. As I was about to ask the ray where his red friends were, Captain Collin Huff called out. 

"Amanda, 9:30, 35 feet, left to right," he said.

I saw the redfish moving at a decent pace and led it about 3 ft. A couple of strips and she ate it, taking me into my backing in seconds. I worked the fish for 10 minutes or so and got her to the boat. She was a beautiful red - long and skinny in the tail.

Captain Collin asked if I was crazy enough to get in the water.

“Yeah she is!” exclaimed Dolo, my boat partner. 

I promptly hopped in the chilly water almost forgetting to take off my boots. After I was in and had the fish in hand, Captain Collin asked Dolo to watch for sharks. Uh... ok... That ended up being my personal best at 40" and 24 lbs.

Later that day we were back in the heart of the marsh. The sun was shining and the wind was picking up. Dolo had just landed a beautiful sheepshead - in my opinion the HARDEST fish to catch in the marsh!

After a couple of quick photos and release, I stepped up on the bow and started surveying the water again. 

Captain Collin was climbing up on the polling platform when I spotted a big bull just hanging out at 12:30, 40 feet from the boat. I made a back cast just beyond it, stripped a couple of times and the fish smashed it! I set the hook and waited for it to run like the previous one. It didn't. It shot out a couple of times and after a quick fight, came to the boat.

"27 pounds!" said Collin. "She measured over 39 inches."

And that... was a new personal best for me!

Editor's note: Amanda Willshire is an artist and fly fishing guide in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.  To learn more about Amanda check out

You can learn more about fly fishing for redfish and Captain Collin Huff HERE. 


  • Fred Miller

    Fished Biloxi Marsh many times. Love chasing bull reds. Reading about it is almost as much fun.

  • Hardy Willshire

    GREAT pictures, beautiful fish, wonderful story!

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