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Assembly & Installation



  1. Determine which side of your raft and the direction the Swiftcast will face before assembling the Swiftcast. 
  2. Install the universal mounts on the channel extrusion before installing the nose cone or reel box 
  3. Unstrap and elevate your frame off your raft when installing your Swiftcast. It will make the process of tightening the universal mounts much easier.  
  4. Using a 4mm mini ratchet or 4mm driver will accelerate the installation process. 
  5. If you are concerned about the pipe clip popping off, you can use a rubberband looped around the tube with the ends around the pipe clip thumb tab.  
  6. Never clean your Swiftcast with liquid solvents such as acetone. Soap and water only.  

Download the complete User Manual for step-by-step information on Swiftcast installation