The Meticulous Game of Fly Fishing with Austin Campbell

The Meticulous Game of Fly Fishing with Austin Campbell

Words By Austin Campbell

No matter who you are or where you fish, conditions are constantly changing. As anglers, guides, and fishy folks, you must adapt to ensure a successful day on the water. One of my favorite rivers to fish here in the sunshine state gives anglers the ability to fish deep pools, pocket water, long riffles and flat water all at your fingertips.

Like a lot of rivers in Colorado, this piece of water is known for great fishing – but it can also be tough when the conditions are not in your favor.

As we took off from our put in, the day was greeted by a nice 15 mile an hour wind gust that started pushing the raft upriver, with 10 miles ahead of us and no service, the adventure must continue.

At this point in my fly-fishing journey, I welcome and enjoy the challenge of fishing harsh conditions. Having to cast off your non-dominate shoulder to match the winds speed while targeting a spooky trout at the end of a tail out while floating down the river, it makes the eat even more exciting.

During the trip, the Swiftcast Rod Holder played a huge part while switching back and forth from casting larger tandem streamer rigs to deep nymph rigs for fish in pools and eddies. The simplicity and ease of quick access to a rod is a game changer during those long days.

As we approach the winter months get out there and finish the season strong.


Editor's Note: Austin Campbell is a fly fishing guide and community advocate from Denver, Colorado. Austin spends his time guiding in Colorado with Front Range Anglers out of Boulder, Colorado. Austin pushes for access and opportunities for underrepresented communities in the outdoors through free fly fishing events and programs through Community Fly Fishing. 

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