Comparing Roof Racks


Description Video Riversmith River Quiver Other Rod Boxes & Rod Vaults


Door can be pried open with hand pressure. Full tongue & groove door seal on River Quiver is super secure. Others are so insecure they can be forced open with bare hands.

No Yes


Full tongue & groove door closure prevents pry tool insertion. Full tongue & groove door seal is super secure. Without it pry tools can be easily inserted.

Yes No


Thru-bolted tube connections. Thru-bolts prevent tubes from separating even if loose. Others rely on friction clamps to hold tubes together. Yes No


Virtually indestructible AES polymer reel box. Withstands even brutal attempts at break-in. Yes No


Military Grade Testing Equipment. Super strong protection for your valuable rods & reels. Yes No


In-stock rod length capacity. Extended models hold longer euro-nymphing rods.

Std:10'4" Ext:11'4" 10'6"


Rod/reel size capacity. Largest & most versatile capacity.

12 weight 6-8 weight

Color Options

Color options. Silver Anodized, Powder Coated Black, or Sage Green. Silver Anodized, Powder Coat Black, or Sage Green Only Silver

Ease of Use

Side swing door for easy loading. Side swing door is superior. Top swing doors add more required height and reach to operate. Yes No


Door hinge indents to keep door open in wind. Prevents top swing doors from falling with great force on hands and rods. Yes No

Design Quality

Aesthetics. Most people only buy one fly rod roof rack- buy the one that is superior in every way AND makes you and your rig look great. Sleek & sophisticated Plumbing pipe


Aerodynamics. Smooth & quiet ride. Tight & smooth Large gaps to catch wind


Fit and Finish. Quality product. Sleek & custom engineered Blemishes & exposed metal


Features. More premium features

More Features Less Features


Riversmith River Quiver vs. Other Rod Boxes & Rod Vaults Comparison Description 


When designing the River Quiver, security was something we did not want to take lightly. We wanted to make sure people would feel comfortable leaving their fly rods in our fly rod roof rack. By having a full tongue and groove pattern on the reel box, this makes it impossible to pry open with a tool or hand pressure when in the locked position. When looking at other Rod Vaults, we were able to pry open the reel box in the locked position using just our hands (see video). There is no tongue and groove to their design allowing a screwdriver to get inside the box when locked. 

The River Quiver has a thru-bolted coupler at the joint of the two aluminum extrusions so that the bolts pass through the tubes. Even if the thru bolts loosen, they will still hold the two extrusions together preventing detachment of the forward extrusion. Other rod boxes use clamps which rely only on friction to hold the tubes together, with no thru-bolts or tether to secure the extrusions in case of bolt loosening (see video).

The River Quiver reel box is designed with an AES Based Styrene Polymer which is virtually indestructible and highly resistant to UV degradation. They are molded in high quality molds that impart a smooth and highly finished surface that looks professional and is a complement to your vehicle. Other roof rod reel boxes have a dull surface or even exposed molding marks (see video).



River Quiver is available in two lengths- regular 10’4” capacity and Extended 11’4” capacity that will handle long euro nymphing rods. Other rod vaults are only one length. River Quiver holds rods and reels up to 12 weight so that it can handle your entire quiver. Most rooftop fly rod boxes cannot handle 12 weights and 6 weights are a tight squeeze (see video). Our thought process on creating a bigger reel box was to make sure you could put any rod you own in your River Quiver. We did not want people to run into an issue where they are only able to put smaller rods and reels in the River Quiver but still need to rig their 10 weight when they get to the river/ocean. That defeats the purpose of owning a fly rod roof rack.


Ease of Use

The River Quiver is designed with a side swing door to allow it to be easier to open and close when on top of your vehicle (see video). Other rod vaults have a top swing door which requires more height and reach to open and close. We understand especially on SUV’s and trucks that there is added height on top of the vehicle with a fly rod roof rack which is why we wanted to accommodate our customers with a more user friendly door design that prevents you from having to reach higher than the product itself to open and close. River Quiver has an ingenious door hinge design that features an indent or gentle resistance mechanism that holds the door open in the wind and then requires only a gentle push to close. Other rooftop rod carriers have a top hinge and no resistance so they can fall and slam shut in the wind potentially damaging rods, hands and fingers (see video).


Design Quality

The River Quiver uses custom designed and manufactured Double Barrel aluminum extrusions that are strong, stiff, lightweight and leave little or no gaps to catch wind while driving. Other rod carriers use straight round pipe with multiple large gaps. The River Quiver looks sleek, refined and built for purpose. It is a complement to any vehicle and you will be proud to own it for years to come.


Color Options

The River Quiver comes in Silver, Black and Sage Green to accommodate your personal preferences and complement any vehicle. Other rod vaults are only available in silver. Having this option allows for a more customizable look on your vehicle to make your rig look the way you want it to!


Locked and Loaded Warranty

Riversmith is proud of our top notch workmanship and professional grade materials. Read our full River Quiver Product Warranty.