Jake Burleson


Jakob (pronounced Yakub) Burleson was born and raised along the front range of Colorado. His Father, being an avid bow hunter, fisherman, and all-around outdoorsman, often drug Jakob along with him. From these experiences an intense passion for the outdoors and the natural world grew within him. He began fly fishing in 2014 and hasn’t looked back. The tug is the drug as they say, and Jakob recklessly used it. He has since dedicated his life to the pursuit and is currently working forUmpqua Feather Merchantson the sales and marketing side. Along with UFM, Jakob does brand ambassador work forArbor Anglers Fly Shopin Golden, CO, Buff headwear apparel,Dry Fly Armory, he is a mentor with theMay Fly Projectand with great excitement has joined forces with Riversmith and the River Quiver line of professional grade fly rod roof racks.




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