Matt Hartman


Surrounded by water in Michigan, Matt Hartman is an angler, photographer, and shop manager based in Traverse City. Managing The Northern Angler allows him to share his knowledge and passion for the sport daily working with customers in the store, teaching classes, and guiding. More than anything, Matt sees himself as an educator hoping to inspire the next generation of conservation advocates.  

Over the years, fly fishing has been many things to Matt. It has given him a sense of place, an escape where he can find solitude, and an amazing community to lean on. It has been a source of endless adventure taking him to new places and forcing him out of his comfort zone. Sharing this sport and his love for the outdoors with others continues to be his passion. 

Matt is a Scientific Anglers Pro and proud to be a Riversmith ambassador. He hosts The Northern Angler YouTube channel as well as their podcast Spooled. 

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