Customized Shorty!  Any Questions?

Customized Shorty! Any Questions?



We've been asked how to mount a ShortCut River Quiver inside the back of a pickup truck. Depending on the size of your truck bed, you might be able to accommodate a standard 5'2" ShortCut RQ as is. But what if your truck bed is only 5 feet in length?

Well, we decided to make a 5' Custom Cut RQ in-house for a 2019 standard issue Toyota Tacoma. We installed it with 2 custom L-Mounts that connect to the internal t-track (standard on some newer trucks). This custom cut and configuration will support two (2) 9ft fly rods (broken in half) from 3wts all the way to 12wts - a great solution for freshwater and the salt.  We love the discrete and minimal approach to mounting but want to know what you all think. 

In this video we show you the full setup. Let us know if you would be interested in this kind of custom mounting solution for your truck.  Additional photos below.

If you are interested in this type of mounting configuration please hit us up at, leave a comment on the YouTube video or reach out to us via Instagram with your thoughts or questions.



  • David Lloyd

    Interested mounting my shortcut to my F-150

  • Cale

    Howuch would it cost to get the four box holder and get it mounted?

  • Anonymous

    Yes please! I’ll take two!

  • Jordan Broadwater

    Love this idea, I have a 2018 Tacoma and use all of the bed and this looks like the perfect setup under a Tonneau cover. Wonder how easy it is to take off and put back on or if it’s permanent? Been looking for a fly rod holder like this but couldn’t mount it on top of my truck. Super cool idea

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