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Editor’s Note: Riversmith is proud and honored to have earned a Euro River Quiver Product Recommendation from Trout & Salmon Magazine.  

If you’re reading this outside of the United States, don’t forget: Riversmith’s flagship product, the River Quiver, is now available for ordering and shipping to most European countries, South America, New Zealand and Iceland!  Shipping costs and details: $200 USD Flat Rate Economy International (Duties & Taxes Included).  

"Up on the roof" Trout & Salmon Magazine features the Riversmith River Quiver


In addition to the product recommendation, Trout & Salmon Magazine has also given us permission to share the detailed gear review with our customers and followers.

Without further ado… here is the full review:


Up On The Roof

Transporting rods to and from the river can be a tricky business. Multi-piece rods are more portable and easily fit in a vehicle, but you must set up and break down each rod and reel every time you travel. Rod-holders, whether vacuum or magnetic, allow you to transport set-up rods from beat to beat or to different areas of a lake, provided your journey is short and at low speed. But it would be a reckless angler who would risk them on a long journey. The thought of depositing expensive tackle on a motorway doesn’t bear thinking about.

Colorado company Riversmith has a solution. Its River Quiver is a car roof-mounted carrier that securely houses multiple rods and reels. Built from lightweight aluminium, its tubular rod-holders with plastic liners are fixed together by a box rail system, which also carries the roof mounts. At the business end is a lockable, moulded box into which rods are slid in and out, reels attached.

We tested the Euro Quiver, the longest model at 11ft 5¾in. It can hold any single-handed rod and reel combination up to 11ft 4in long, including euro-nymphing rods. It is available as a two- or four-rod model. They are aerodynamic, quiet and able to withstand all conditions associated with a normal road journey at legal speed limits.

The Euro Quiver has a choice of roof mounts, sticky-backed foam pads used to cushion the reel box, and two keys for the lock. We would advise you buy protective Rod Chairs (polystyrene discs) from the website or add your own padding to limit movement within the carrier. Care is also needed when accessing limited-height areas like car parks.

The River Quiver is well designed, built from quality materials and handy for quick trips. It also creates space on longer journeys; perhaps why it has become a best-seller.

The River Quiver is the best-selling #1 rated fly rod roof rack in the world. Riversmith has designed the most secure rear entry molded reel box fly rod holder available.

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