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We are guilty of being overly protective with our gear and want to provide maximum comfort and protection to those traveling with a fly rod roof rack of ANY kind, which is why we came out with the Riversmith Rod Chairs. Designed to wrap around your rod in 2 locations, suspending it freely within the carrier, Rod Chairs are the perfect add-on for those longer trips to the water or when traveling on those endless bumpy roads. The ease of use makes the Rod Chairs extremely versatile and will not get in the way even if you choose them for daily use. We are confident your rods are secure and protected in the River Quiver's poly-lined extrusions, but believe having an extra layer of protection for peace of mind is never a bad idea. Regardless of the rooftop fly rod carrier you own, our Rod Chairs will fit in most any commercial fly rod roof rack on the market.

Attach two rod chairs per fly rod, this package contains 2 sets (4 total Rod Chairs)

Product Dimensions:

Diameter 1.5 inches
Height 1.0 inches

Foam Material:

  • Biodegradable (they break down to hydrogen and carbon)
  • High resistance wear and increased durability
  • Superior shock absorbency
  • Resistant to water/moisture/chemical/static
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Floats
  • 30 day returns

Customer Reviews

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Simple idea that works well to keep your rod from rattling around and even more secure.


Great addition to the rod holder. Keeps the rods even more protected and they’re quick to put on and take off.

Rod Chairs: Keeping it simple

It's that old addage. KISS - Keep it simple silly (or whatever works for you for that final S!). I've been listening to my rods rattle around in my River Quiver ever since I mounted that beauty up for the first time. And I started to imagine various ways to quiet it down. I'm local to the the Riversmith team, so I even considered going down and asking what they thought. But I never got around to self-solving, or even raising the question. But guess what, they were on it! Not over-engineering anything; just keeping it simple. The Rod Chairs are elegant in their simplicity, and just straight up solve the rattle problem. Whether it's the annoyance of noise coming through the sun roof, or concern that something will get damaged from too much banging around on the way to your favorite spot. Rod Chairs; problem solved.

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