Braker Bros


We are the Braker Bros—Andrew and Eric Braker. Together we create outdoor films with the hope of sparking sustainable change. Whether we’re creating a film on pressing issues related to water conservation or fisheries management; working with like minded brands to elevate sustainable products; or simply creating captivating outdoor content that inspires people to care about the world we live in, we are dedicated to pushing towards a more sustainable future through outdoor media.

Growing up in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, we spent many years conventional fishing in the Bay and its surrounding tributaries before we eventually got a fly rod in our hands. One Christmas our parents gifted us Temple Fork’s beginner fly setup. It wasn’t long after we hooked our first fish on the fly that the obsession set it. Eric’s first fish on the fly was a smallmouth bass, and Andrew’s was a striped bass.


"Game Changer"