River Quiver Review - "Game Changer"

River Quiver Review - "Game Changer"

"I have the Standard 2-Banger River Quiver in black, and I love it. Installation was super easy seeing as the folks at Riversmith helped me install it at Riversmith HQ (awesome team by the way!).

Considering that many of my fishing trips are also paired with other outdoor activities, the River Quiver is a game changer because it allows me to keep my rods separate from the rest of the gear in my car. When the car is filled to the max with camping gear, it’s infinitely better to keep the rods tucked away in the quiver.

One piece of advice for Subaru owners… The Subaru factory bars are too skinny to work optimally with the Standard Mounts provided by Riversmith. The Standard Mounts maxed out before they fully locked down on my bars. In an effort to avoid this you can either use fully threaded screws or you can add spacers. I opted to use some rubber spacers in order to fully secure my quiver. It’s been working perfectly!"

- Andy Braker, Riversmith Ambassador 

To learn more, here are additional features and product specifications for the River Quiver.

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