Alyssa Adcock: Saltwater Fly Fishing Report

Alyssa Adcock: Saltwater Fly Fishing Report

Words & Photos by Alyssa Adcock

“There's one trying to sneak past us. 10 o’clock, 15 feet, moving right to left,” said the voice from high above on the poling platform.  

I laid the fly down at 9, tiny slide, tiny slide, first eat. He missed it. Tiny slide, tiny slide - connected. One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, big jump...


Tarpon fishing has a special way of forcing even the most experienced angler to question their skill set; in under 30 seconds, you can go from the extreme high of finessing a prehistoric animal to underworld-level disappointment as you watch that silver tail furiously kick away from your forgotten fly. 

I often tell my guests that if freshwater fly fishing is like playing chess, then saltwater fly fishing is like playing a grand master. The variables like sun, wind and light must be in your favor, the sequence of your moves has to be akin to that of a ballerina- deliberate but delicate, your spatial awareness of yourself and the boat must be finely tuned, and then the rest is up to the guide and ocean gods. 

While this latest trip to the Florida Keys was another lesson in patience and skill, I always appreciate a good ego check, especially when the consolation prize is cotton candy sunsets, tropical birds and a good mezcal marg. 

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