Another Reminder That Accidents Don’t Discriminate

Another Reminder That Accidents Don’t Discriminate

Here is a recent email from a Riversmith customer that we thought was worth sharing with the fly fishing community.  This is a simple PSA to say: ‘be careful out there when you are driving to and from your favorite fishing spots.’ 
“Hi all. My name is Evan N. I’m the manager for the Highlands location for Brookings Anglers out of Cashiers, NC. I wanted to send a few photos and give a testimony to the strength of the River Quivers.

I was involved In a car accident where I left the road at around 50 mph as best as I know, down into a clear cut where power poles had been installed where I ultimately ended up flipping my ford escape two times before coming to a stop on the roof. I had both the standard and an extended Euro River Quiver 4-Banger on my car, with one brand new Thomas & Thomas Contact 2 and 7 and various models of G Loomis NRX models inside. All eight slots were occupied.
The first place I landed was on top of a log that had been cut some years ago when the power lines went in. It can be seen in one of the photos. Luckily I was OK.  After the crash I was sick thinking about how I was going to replace those rods more than I was worried about myself. When they finally got to a point in the recovery that it was possible the trooper (who is also a fly fisherman) had them stop so I could check. Every rod and reel was just the same as if nothing had taken place.
Not a single scratch was put on any of those rods after taking a direct hit two times during the rollover and being up-righted.
The River Quivers took that first impact - and for that, I wanted to say thank you for building an incredible product. Not only saving me $10k worth of fly rods, but possibly my life as well.” - Photos and words courtesy of Evan N.
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  • Jose T DeSousa

    So glad to hear that Evan came out smelling almost like roses from this experience. Especially with all of his rods being intact, I am especially shocked and glad at how strong the River Quiver was able to stay intact from this rollover accident at 50 mph. I also have two 4-Banger River Quivers, one on my truck, the other on my wife’s Jeep Cheroke, I guess they take a licking and keep on rolling to the next fishing destination. Evan: glad to hear all is well with you along with all those great rods of yours. Also to all the RiverSmith employees there, job well done from the designing, engineering, fabrication to the floor assembly lines. PS: KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK THAT YOU ARE DOING.

  • Kirby Lambert

    Glad that you were okay

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