Assembling & Mounting the Swiftcast Rod Holder

Assembling & Mounting the Swiftcast Rod Holder

Spend a few minutes with the Riversmith Crew to learn more about the new Swiftcast Universal Rod Holder.  In this short instructional video, we'll cover the basics of assembly and mounting the Swiftcast on your raft's frame.  

We also spend time talking about what went into the design of the Swiftcast and why we believe this is going to solve a few critical problems you might have experienced on the river.

The Swiftcast Rod Holder was designed and built to maximize your time on the water and protect what’s important – your time, gear and experience.

Also, if you think the Swiftcast is innovative.. let your voice be heard!  Voting is still open for 2023 Consumer Choice Awards. VOTE NOW! 

- The Riversmith Crew

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