Father's Day Fly Fishing Gifts for Anglers

Father's Day Fly Fishing Gifts for Anglers

Father's Day Fly Fishing Gifts for Anglers

At Riversmith, we are obsessed with gear – and take our fly fishing seriously.  Simply put - we love to fly fish. For Father's Day, we've compiled a list of 10 Riversmith Products that will help your favourite dad have some fun on the water this season. 

Here is this year's "Riversmith Father's Day Gift Guide":

1) Standard River Quiver - $499.99

2) On Water T-Shirt - $29.99

3) Limited Edition Desert Tan River Quiver - $589.99

4) Swiftcast Rod Holder - $349.99

Outcast OSG Drifter 13 with Swiftcast Rod Holders

5) Quick Release Mounts - $124.99


6) River Quiver 4-Banger Black - $879.99

7) Flat Iron Hoody OR Redfish Hoody - $59.99

8) River Quiver Shortcut - $379.99

Or... with Truck Bed Mounts... $499.99

9) Stagecoach Trucker Hat - $29.95

10) River Quiver DeYoung 2-Banger with T-Track Mounts - $923.99

Protect What's Important

At Riversmith we take our fly fishing seriously and we know our customers do as well.  Our mission is to serve both those new to the sport and well seasoned. Freshwater & Salt. Dry fly purists & streamer junkies. Bluegill to tarpon. Our design engineers developed fly fishing products and accessories that will protect what’s important – your time, gear and experience.

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