Fly Fisherman Magazine: Swiftcast Gear Review

Fly Fisherman Magazine: Swiftcast Gear Review

Don't take it from us... see what Joshua Bergan from Fly Fisherman Magazine had to say about his first experience with Riversmith's new Swiftcast Rod Holder.  Here's a sneak peak:


"Unless you’re Bob Vila or Ron Swanson, your raft’s homemade rod tubes are probably less than ideal. The beefy straight white PVC tubes on my Outcast PAC 1300 left a lot to be desired.

Which is why I was stoked to see Riversmith’s new Swiftcast Rod Holders, which were smartly designed specifically for protecting fly rods on fishing rafts.

While the ultimate goal of these tubes is rod protection, they are also sleek with minimal snag points. The orange pipe clips keep the tip sections connected but allow them to pivot with your boat (and even have a slight curvature on the clip tabs that sit perfectly on an 18-inch-diameter raft tube). The reel box allows water to drain, and the tie-downs keep your reel snug." - Josh Bergan


Click here to read the entire Swiftcast product review in Fly Fisherman Magazine!


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