Fly Rod Storage for Rafts: Gear Reviews

Fly Rod Storage for Rafts: Gear Reviews

Product reviews help other people make sound decisions - especially when it comes to storing fly rods on rafts. Here are two recent product reviews about Riversmith's Swifcast Rod Holder.

Jessica Suvak is the co-founder of Ohio Women on the Fly and is an avid fly fishing angler and adventurer. Here’s a short sound bite from her recent 5-star review after assembling and mounting a Swiftcast Rod Holder on raft and Stealthcraft Hooligan XL Frame

“I’ll have 6-7 musky, pike and smallie rods all set up and ready to go with full sink, intermediate and floating lines. It keeps everything so organized and safe! Especially when you have a dog that lovessss to step on rods. I would highly suggest adding the Swiftcast to your raft!” – Jessica Suvak

The Swiftcast Rod Holder Helps Protect Your Fly Rods

A Swiftcast In Action

Noah Studdard is a Professional Fly Fishing Guide who now guides for multiple outfitters in western Wyoming and is typically rowing a Flycraft Raft.

"The Swiftcast rod holder is an absolute game changer for fishing from any kind of raft. The tubes are easy to install, it keeps your rods very well protected, and they are easy to access. Plus, the customer service at Riversmith is top notch. They are very easy to contact, and always help with anything related to their products. Great company in every aspect!" - Noah Studdard


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