Fly Tying Night Recap - Fun, Flies, and the Future

Fly Tying Night Recap - Fun, Flies, and the Future

Here is a quick recap from our friends and partners from Trout Unlimited about the recent Fly Tying night hosted at Riversmith HQ.  

Fly Tying Night Recap - Fun, Flies, and the Future

By Trout Unlimited

The April 12th Fly Tying Social hosted by Boulder Flycasters and St. Vrain Anglers Chapters of Trout Unlimited with venue host Riversmith was a greatly enjoyable event and a fundraising success. With the help of Riversmith and other sponsors including Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop, Rocky Mountain Anglers, Front Range Anglers, Rep Your Water, REI Boulder, and Upslope more than $1000 was raised while guests tied flies, socialized and enjoyed Nacho Mamas Tacos food truck and beer donated by sponsors Upslope.


More than 60 guests gathered to learn about fly tying, share skills, and learn tried and true patterns. Six fly tying tables featured tried and true fly patterns of the Caddis and Mayfly lifecycle, that anglers will be relying on in the coming months. The 6 tying tables were sponsored by each of the event supporters, and some were led by Fly Shop staff. Thank you to Duncan McHenry of Rocky Mountain Flycasters, Dick Shinton and Trenton Sendziak of Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop, and Matt Decker of Front Range Anglers for leading patterns and helping new and experienced tyers. Another dozen volunteers, including some fly tying notables helped assist new tyers also, including Marty Staab, Mark Rayman, and Mike Kruise. The efforts of all the volunteers are greatly appreciated and valued.


The fundraising side of the event was made possible by donations of a Riversmith River Quiver and other gear and merchandise items donated by each of the sponsors. Guests generously purchased $1000+ in raffle tickets, and some went home with items. Everyone went home a winner in the future. The raffle proceeds benefited Colorado Trout Unlimited’s Teen Youth Camp which accepts 20 campers for a week every summer for a program that balances river conservation education and fly fishing skills. Four camp alumni, Audrey Kenney, Jack Brown, Brody Smith, and Trenton Sendziak shared what this camp has meant to them personally. Their themes focused on connecting with a community, learning their personal angling identity, gaining independence, and growing in taking action as a conservation minded angler. These young people demonstrated the value of the camp in developing our young leaders of the future.


CU Boulder Fly Fishing Club

It was a great evening with to just be with people that love rivers, love everything that thrives in rivers, and love making a connection with like-minded people. The success of the evening was really shown in the gratitude of our guests as they departed. We made new friends, expanded our community, invested in the future, and had a great time doing it. Can’t wait until we can do it again.

 - Barbara Luneau Colorado Trout Unlimited River Conservation & Fly Fishing Camp, Director

For more information about Riversmith's Community Partnerships and Charitable Giving Policy, CLICK HERE.  

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