Inward - A film about Atlanta based artist Michi Meko

Inward - A film about Atlanta based artist Michi Meko

INWARD FILM TRAILER from Chad Brown on Vimeo.


Riversmith is proud to support "Inward" - a film about Atlanta based artist Michi Meko whose life is expressed in multiple layers of mystical meaning.

Inward is a film experience Directed by Chad Brown about journeys, navigation, cartography and way finding into the unknown and the uncharted. It’s a narrative about the buoyancy of our souls and survival, keeping our heavy heads filled with heavy thoughts above water. It’s about his struggle to become orientated in the pitch black and discovering his metaphysical balance. It is about his decision and the journey to become an artist.  Meko is influenced by nature and wilderness and its ability to heal and inspire. His art attempts to answer the question – "What is his place is in this unfamiliar world of nature and wilderness and how does his art define and exhibit a newly fused relationship between his past and a radically new and radiant expression?"

Stay tuned for more information about "Inward" as we approach the official release.

In the meantime, to learn more about artist Michi Meko, you can read this profile and interview written by Jason Rolfe and published by our friends over at the Flyfish Journal.

Artist Michi

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