Limited Edition Desert Tan River Quiver Mounted on overlanding truck

Limited Run Desert Tan River Quiver Available Now!

The best-selling, #1 rated fly rod roof rack in the world is now available in a limited run in a new color: the desert tan River Quiver! Our advice to loyal customers or if you’re just thinking about getting your first River Quiver: make your decision quickly.

 Once these are gone, they are gone!

 The Limited Run will consist of four models:

  • Standard (10’4”) 2-Banger
  • Standard (10’4”) 4-Banger
  • ShortCut (5’2”) 2-Banger
  • ShortCut (5’2”) 4-Banger

In addition to choosing the unit that is right for you, you will also need to pick the corresponding mount that is best for your rig!

New limited run desert tan River Quivers are available to order and ship TODAY.

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