Low-Profile T-Track Mounts: 10 Things To Know

Low-Profile T-Track Mounts: 10 Things To Know

Here at Riversmith, we get a lot of questions from customers who are trying to choose the best mounting solution for their River Quiver based on their vehicle and specific rack system.  In this short video our Director of Product Design and Development, Jason Thomas, spends time sharing 10 reasons you should consider our Low-Profile T-Track Mounts as a rod vault mounting solution.  

LP T-Track Mount In Action 

We wanted to make sure you can get your River Quiver as low profile as possible to any T-Track roof rack on the market which is why we came up with the LP T-Track Mount. This mount bridges the gap between our T-Track system (top and bottom on the River Quiver) with any T-Track roof rack to ensure your River Quiver is as flush as possible on your rig.  Here is a recap of Jason's 10 points outlined in the above video:

1) T-Track systems are becoming a staple within vehicle roof racks, crossbars, platform racks, across the country and across the GLOBE!

2) The Riversmith Low-Profile T-Track Mount bridges the gap between our T-Track system with any T-Track roof rack to ensure your River Quiver is as flush as possible on your car, truck or SUV.

3 Got T-Track?  This mount also enables you to get creative with how the River Quiver mounts on different types of vehicles and racks. With overlanding rigs, where space may be tight, this mount will allow you to mount the River Quiver to essentially anything T-Track!

4)   Protect What’s Important: Your Gear! The LP Mount is protected with a unique key drive; your River Quiver, rods, and reels are well secured to your vehicle.

5)   If you’re parking in a garage where height is an issue or you have a tall vehicle, these mounts are the lowest profile in the Riversmith arsenal.

6)   Easy installation.  LP -Track are super versatile and mounts directly to any T-Track System quickly and easily.  

7)  LP T-Track mounts come standard issue with a secured to roof rack via unique key driver for additional security

8)  If you do have an Overland rack system, you'll want to ask your manufacturer for size M-6 nuts and bolts.

9) These mounts work with any River Quiver including our 2-Bangers, 4-Bangers, ShortCuts, and Euro River Quivers.

10) The LP T-Track Mounts allow you to mount your River Quiver from the top or bottom giving you additional versatility and options.  

 A DeYoung Edition River Quiver 4-Banger Utilizing LP T-Track Mounts.... out in the wild.

To learn more about LP T-Trck Mounts CLICK HERE.

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