Protecting Denver's South Platte River

Protecting Denver's South Platte River

This past Saturday Protect Our Rivers organized a river clean up effort that yielded the removal of 10,000+ pounds of trash and debris from the South Platte River. 

A total of 400+ people joined the event across four cleanup sites, and collectively, set a new record for the biggest haul in Protect Our River’s history.

This could not have been possible without all of the volunteers and support by those of you in our community who joined the cleanup.

Team Riversmith joined the Overland Park location and helped remove over 1300+ pounds of trash and we also donated a River Quiver to fund raising cause for future events and programming.  

We'd also like to say thank you to the entire Protect Our Rivers Staff and all of the other event sponsors - including Orvis, Anglers AllOdell Brewing, and Lavabox - who supported this effort to improve the South Platte River corridor. 

All photos courtesy of: @jacuneo


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