Somewhere In The Salt

Somewhere In The Salt

While currently running his business out of Stuart, Florida, Captain Cody Rubner's (AKA @captcodyrubner) love for fishing started growing up on Cape Cod. Every spring, he loads up his truck and road-trips north with a River Quiver full of 8/9-weights to get back to his roots, reset and recharge.

"It’s important to remember why we fight to protect our oceans," said Rubner, who is a member of the American Saltwater Guides Association.  "I try my best to contribute to fisheries management, but that process is far bigger than any one angler and it’s a stressful, uphill battle. It’s important to take a moment, slow down and soak up the experiences that inspired you to fight in the first place: like being chest deep in an salty estuary."

fly fishing in salt water"Having a selection of rods rigged, ready and locked in the truck is a major advantage when chasing tides on foot throughout the Cape," said Rubner.
captain cory rubner gears up for fishingscouting in salt water for fly fishing“Striped bass are truly every man’s fish. The perfect blend of being challenging yet attainable to all. They have a storied history of hitting rock-bottom and bouncing back."
angler changing flies on his fly rod next to the water
Salt water guides association protects what important in the natural habitat
"I hope we‘ll see this stock continue to rebuild through all the challenges it currently faces. I’m a proud member of the @saltwaterguidesassociation who is leading the charge to conserve our east coast striper fishery."
Captain Rubner loads his fly rod into Riversmith roof rack to protect his fly fishing gear in transit
To learn more about the American Saltwater Guides Association and the work they are doing CLICK HERE

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