Somewhere in Utah - With Colby Crossland

Somewhere in Utah - With Colby Crossland

Words & Photos Courtesy of Colby Crossland


There’s a river in Utah that is a dry fly paradise. Blue-winged olives, cicadas, caddis, sallies, hoppers, beetles and ants. 

The river has them all and the trout love to eat them especially the large trout.  

Throughout the summer and fall the mosquitos can be really thick and aggressive on the lower river. 

Having a River Quiver full of rods ready to go makes for a quicker experience getting on and off the ramp.  That leads to fewer bug bites and clients that are more comfortable and relaxed. 

 A River Quiver 4-Banger with Brown Trout Reel Pads

When your clients are at ease they fish better.  No one sets the hook well when you’re worried about what that tickle is on the back of your neck. 

Colby Crossland is a Riversmith Ambassador and professional fly-fishing guide for Spinnerfall Outfitters in Dutch John, Utah. When the temperatures drop he tries his best to spend as much time as possible exploring Mexico and Central America chasing permit and warmer weather. To learn more about Colby you can read his entire Ambassador Profile HERE.  

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  • Kevan

    I have fished with Colby before on the Green River in Utah. He is a fantastic guide and will help you bring more fish to the boat!

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