Spring Fly Fishing & Your River Quiver

Spring Fly Fishing & Your River Quiver

Spring has officially arrived and Riversmith would like to share a few tips, tricks, and recommendations if you are dusting off your River Quiver for the season.
  • Make sure your rack/bars are secured and properly mounted - check all bolts and fasteners to ensure they are tight. Whether you've left them on all winter or are just now swapping out the ski rack for your River Quiver, it's imperative to ensure all bolts are tight but not over-tightened. This includes, but is not limited to, coupler bolts, standard mount T-studs, standard mounting bolts, quick-release pivot bolt, quick-release strap tensioner, all T-studs on low-profile T-track mounts, and all T-studs.

  • Got a Swiftcast on your raft?  Make sure the same philosophy goes for all bolts, fasteners, and the universal mount hardware on your SwiftCast Rod Holders.
  • Inspect and clean your River Quiver regularly! It's important to periodically clean your Quiver. Road dust can cling to the inside of the River Quiver liners and over time become a fine-grit sandpaper that will scuff your rods. Regular cleaning of the Quiver with mild soap and water and spraying out the internal tubes will prevent buildup from affecting your fly rods.
  • We might have some readers here who don’t own a River Quiver but are thinking about getting one.  If you’re in this category, check out this short  video that explains why we made the River Quiver in the first place. 
  • Make sure you have your River Quiver Key.  Also, check your lock and ensure it locks smoothly and tightly! Riversmith uses an industry-leading lock mechanism, but like all mechanical things, it can loosen up over time or, albeit rare, fail completely. If your lock is loose or not latching securely over time, it's important to fix it before transporting fly rods. Make sure your key code is documented in a safe place in case it is lost. If you have lost your key, reach out to info@riversmith.com with your key code, and we will assist you. 
  • Ensure your reels and rod are protected with Reel Box Pads and Rod Chairs. 
  1. Bonus: Dress up your River Quiver or yourself with Riversmith stickers, hats, shirts.

Once you get your River Quiver back out in the wild, don’t forget about the Riversmith “Rig of the Month” photo contest.  Entering is simple: tag @riversmithusa in an instagram photo including your rig and River Quiver and win a Riversmith OnWater T-Shirt! Each month we will select a winner at random and let you know that you've won the "Rig of the Month Photo Contest"!  

If you do come across any issues with your River Quiver or Swiftcast Rod Holder as you get geared up for the season, know that Riversmith has your back and is here to help.  If you have any questions you can always reach out to our Customer Experience Team Monday-Friday and/or send an email to info@riversmith.com

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