"Stellar Addition To The Backcountry Arsenal" - Alyssa Adcock

"Stellar Addition To The Backcountry Arsenal" - Alyssa Adcock

Guide Tested, Guide Approved: The River Quiver 4-Banger

"I have been using my River Quiver 4-Bangers for a couple months now and LOVE them. Its really come in clutch for backcountry adventures; I have the back of my truck built out for camping and often have gear, bedding, layers, cooking equipment, etc taking up truck bed space. It's so convenient to be able to throw my rods up and out of the way at camp (safe from corgi leashes and car doors) without having to break down my rigs. Also a big fan of the small details- interior padding for the bumpier treks into the back country and locking system for in-town days. 10/10 from me." - Alyssa Adcock, Professional Fly Fishing Guide

Alyssa Adcock is a Riversmith Ambassador.  To learn more about Alyssa or to read her entire bio, CLICK HERE.  

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