Support for the American Saltwater Guides Association

Support for the American Saltwater Guides Association

Riversmith is proud to have supported the Oxbow All Species Tournament hosted earlier in September 2023. The event, which is held in Maine, challenges anglers to chase a wide variety of fresh and saltwater species on the fly in the name of conservation with funds raised being donated to the American Saltwater Guides Association.  Target species for the two-day fishing tournament included smallmouth bass, striped bass, brook trout and landlocked salmon.

Tim Adams and the Oxbow Brewing team wanted to create a community based fly fishing event that raises funds for local conservation efforts. 

“The event was awesome.  We raised $13,000 for the American Saltwater Guides Association,” said Tim Adams, the organizer of the event.  “ASGA and everybody had a blast.  The Riversmith donation was super helpful and definitely helped a lot!  We’re stoked to have 2 more fishy Maine anglers rocking River Quivers on their vehicles!"  

The Oxbow All Species featured two days of tournament styled fishing paired with exhibitions, vendor booths, demos, artists, music – and yes, rumor has it there was beer on tap as well.  To learn more about the ASGA CLICK HERE

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