Swiftcast Rod Holder - 5 Star Review!

Swiftcast Rod Holder - 5 Star Review!

Guide tested - guide approved.  Check out the latest five star product review about the Swiftcast Rod Holder.

"I was working on getting my new raft setup this past weekend and had a chance to break out the Swiftcasts I wanted to tell you about it. First off I am super impressed with the quality of polymer, it's thick and rugged. They look like they can take a beating without any problems, they can even take the weight of someone standing on it when mounted. The assembly out of the box was fairly simple and the directions were easy to understand. The Mounting hardware worked perfect with my NRS frame and everything locked in tightly. I ended up mounting them and then moving them a few times before I was satisfied with their location. I settled on both rod holders on the same side of the raft with one facing forward and one facing rearward.

These are a huge upgrade from my DIY rod holders I previously had. The appearance is much more sleek and clean, they are also very easy to use. I really like how long the opening in the channel is on top, this makes it really easy to slide rods in and out without having to reach too far. The channel is also deep enough that your rod drops all the way to the bottom where it is very protected and locked in place.

Photo by Kaleb Orrock


Photo Courtesy of Kaleb Orrock

Overall this is a super cool and innovative product."

 -Kaleb Orrock, Fly Fishing Guide - Colorado

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