The Euro River Quiver: Tested and Reviewed

The Euro River Quiver: Tested and Reviewed

See what Ryan Chelius from Field & Stream Magazine had to say about his first experience with Riversmith's Euro River Quiver - compared to his old system.  Here's a sneak peak and a few excerpts:


"After almost two months of testing the river quiver, and comparing it side by side with my other rod vault, I can confidently say this is my favorite rod vault, rack, or holder I’ve ever used. And if you spend as much time as I do on the water—whether it be chasing trout, redfish, steelhead, or tarpon—then you need something to protect your rods and reels on the road. The River Quiver is the answer, and here’s every reason it should be the next addition to your rig."


"I talked to a few different fly shops and landed on a river quiver. After visiting the Riversmith shop, it was clear they meticulously designed their fly rod holder so it wouldn’t make the same mistakes the other vaults did. Here’s what sets apart the RQ from other vault..."

To read the entire Field & Stream Euro River Quiver Product Review CLICK HERE.


The  River Quiver Euro is an extension of our Standard River Quiver model and comes with all of the same features. Our Euro nymphing rod carrier will fit longer Euro rods up to 11’ 4” and offered in both silver and black. This has been a game changer for people looking to carry both standard fly rods and their Euro rods all in one fly rod carrier.  


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