Why We Made the River Quiver

Why We Made the River Quiver

In this short video, Jason Thomas - Director of Product Development - will share with you an insider's perspective on our design considerations of our flagship product the River Quiver and ask and answer the question 'why did we make it that way?'

It is important to have a really good reason and purpose to build a product.  Products need to solve problems.  Without reason and purpose, it doesn’t really make sense to design, develop and build. 

For more information about the River Quiver CLICK HERE.


  • David Fosdick

    The lock would be greatly improved if it was constructed of metal instead of plastic.

  • Grant Kasischke

    My father was a pioneer plastics engineer and factory owner. I do appreciate your attention and success.

    I do have one suggestion. You should include the $10 ratchet with every Quiver sale. Installation would be soooo much easier.

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