Why We Made the Swiftcast Rod Holder

Why We Made the Swiftcast Rod Holder

It is important to have a really good reason and purpose to build a product.  Products need to solve problems. In this short video, Jason Thomas - Director of Product Development - will share with you an insider's perspective on our design considerations of our newest product, the Swiftcast Rod Holder and ask and answer the question 'why did we make it that way?'

Without reason and purpose, it doesn’t really make sense to design, develop and build. 

The Swiftcast is designed for standard raft and frame configurations for traditional rafts that are between 12'-15' in length.  For rafts that are smaller, larger, or have a narrow profile please review Riversmith's recommended Add-On components that you can order.

For more information about the Swiftcast Rod Holder CLICK HERE.

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  • Scott E. Stevenson

    Great new product.
    Older Clackacraft, Hydes, and Rio drift boats have single rod holders.
    It would be great if you could make some device that would double the capacity.

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