A ShortCut To Baja: 2023 Tundra Edition

A ShortCut To Baja: 2023 Tundra Edition

Earlier in March Alana and Glen took a trip to Baja, Mexico. In their 2023 Toyota Tundra they installed a Riversmith ShortCut River Quiver with Truck Bed MountsThe plan was to hit the road with two trucks, a trailer and a sense of adventure. They camped beachside almost every night, fished off their kayak most days and then reaped their rewards in the evening. 

"We have the ShortCut in our truck and it keeps our rods nice and neat but also super incognito.  We cannot recommend the ShortCut with Truck Bed Mounts enough!"  - Glen & Alana
Below are a few stunning images from their trip.
Editor's Note: Riversmith will continue to share stories, photo essays and adventures from anglers who are planning epic fly fishing destination travel trips throughout the rest of the year.  Stay tuned! 

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  • Jim

    An exceptional snip it of the ShortCut. I recommend it to my clients. Keep them coming!

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