Ambassador Spotlight: Austin Campbell

Ambassador Spotlight: Austin Campbell

Austin Campbell is one of Riversmith's newest Ambassadors.  Austin has been using our ShortCut River Quiver for quite a while now to support his fishing and guiding program here in Colorado.  Most recently, Austin chose to add our limited run full length River Quiver in desert tan paired with his RAM Power Wagon for added capacity.  We spent a day on the water here in Colorado with Austin and had a chance to talk a bit about fishing, guiding and life to help introduce him to our customers and followers. 

Riversmith (RS): Where are you from and where do you fish?

Austin Campbell (AC): From the Denver, Colorado area, I spend time fishing on tailwaters and headwater across the state. I enjoy fishing small creeks to floating and hiking into alpine lakes across the state.

Austin Campbell on the oars... somewhere in Colorado

RS: How did you get into fly fishing?

AC: I was introduced to fly fishing at a young age when my family had moved to Colorado for the Kansas City area. We noticed after going to the river once the complications that can come with conventional style river fishing for trout.

My dad brother and myself were fortunate enough to go out with a guide and learn the basics. From there we spent time learning on YouTube and tried to spend as much time on the river as a kids.

During college I attended the Penn State University on a track and field scholarship and become involved with the fly-fishing club and learned tactics from legends like Joe Humphries and George Daniels. While guiding during the summer months back in Colorado.

Austin's rig and the limited run desert tan River Quiver

RS: What species do you fish for and when did you start guiding?

AC: The main species I fish for during the guide season is trout. I also enjoy fishing for other warm water and saltwater species during my time off.

I have been guiding for 5 years and have really enjoyed introducing new people into this sport.

RS: Colorado has a lot to offer from a fly fishing perspective, but where else do you like to fish and for what species? 

AC: Over the past years I have really enjoyed my time fishing for saltwater species from fishing in Baja for rooster fish, reds in Louisiana, bonefish and tarpon in Belize and the Bahamas.

RS: You have a non-profit called Community Fly Fishing, can you tell our customers and followers a bit about that?  How do people get involved?

AC: Community Fly Fishing aims to introduce the art of fly fishing to those from underrepresented communities in Colorado taught by instructors and guides that reflect our community. Community Fly Fishing offers FREE fly-tying courses, 101 courses, and On water instructional days.

Fish... on

Community Fly Fishing has partnered with other nonprofits and community groups in Denver and Colorado Springs area, to find participants and people interested in getting outside. Please see the link to learn more and for upcoming events please see the website below:

RS: What’s your #1 tip for someone who is just getting started fly fishing here in Colorado? 

AC: I think the biggest thing for folks getting into fly fishing is spend time on the water and work on your presentation. The presentation in my opinion can be more important than the fly you are using. For trout fishing ensure you are giving your flies enough time to get into the feeding column/zone and present your flies in the most natural way. Focusing on presentation in the early stages of your fly fishing career will be pivotal as you learn to nymph and use dry flies.

 RS: How do customers get in touch with you if they want take a day of guided fishing with you? 

AC: Guided Trips:


Instagram: @campbellflyfishing / @communityflyfishing


RS: How do you like the River Quiver Shortcut so far and what are your thoughts on rocking two River Quivers on your rig?

AC: I have really enjoyed the River Quiver Shortcut so far, It was been a perfect fit on the Leitner Designs bed rack, stored under my roof top tent. I am excited to have the additional full length River Quiver mounted on the drivers side of my truck, I am looking forward to the convenience of moving between locations during the day and keeping a few rods fully rigged up while still having a low profile on the side of my truck.

Editors Note: to learn more about Austin or our other Ambassadors CLICK HERE.


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