Ambassador Spotlight: Drew Donaghue

Ambassador Spotlight: Drew Donaghue

Drew Donaghue is one of Riversmith's newest Ambassadors.  To support his fishing program, Drew chose to go with a River Quiver ShortCut paired with his Toyota Tundra.  We met up with Drew after a recent visit to Rockport, Texas for a quick question & answer interview to help introduce him to our customers and followers. 

Riversmith (RS): Where are you from and where do you fish?

Drew Donaghue (DD): I have lived in Ingleside, Texas for 41 years.   I'm a local guide that fishes the middle part of the Texas coast.

fly fishing spotlight

RS: How did you get into fly fishing?

DD: As a child, I would visit my father in St. Louis, Missouri for the summer.  He had two old five weight fiberglass rods in the basement with autowind reels, not sure where he stumbled across them, but I would take them around the neighbourhood in pursuit of bluegill, sun perch, and anything else that would eat.  Overtime, I shifted the tactic to saltwater, where I primarily fished with plastics and plugs. 


RS: What species do you fish for and when did you start guiding?

DD: I started guiding in 2010 and I primarily fish for redfish, but also chase trout, flounder, black drum, jack crevalle, and anything else that will eat.

RS: How do you describe or think of fishing in and around Rockport vs. other more well known fisheries like Louisiana, Florida, the Carolinas, etc.

DD: I don’t consider Texas any less of a fishery, I personally feel that we have more to offer than other states.  It’s a true 12 month/year around fishery that offers clean and clear water, with a world class habitat.  I fish with many people who have traveled around the world and they always comment about how special our fishery is.  They always come back to Texas…

RS: Are there any conservation organizations or efforts/projects you work on?

DD: I work along with other fellow guides, on projects that promote fishing etiquette like catch and release.  The common goal is for everyone to enjoy this place, and not leave a negative footprint. 

RS: What’s your #1 tip for someone who has never fished for redfish before?

DD: I would recommend patience and practice.  The fish are not just going to fall in your lap, but when the shot lands true, you are usually rewarded.  You will never get off the water, saying that it was easy, but that’s what makes it so rewarding.

Drew Donaghue (left) with a happy client... somewhere off the coast of Texas

RS: How do customers get in touch with you if they want to fish the Rockport area? 

DD: Customers can go to my website:

RS: How do you like the River Quiver Shortcut so far?

DD: The Riversmith Quiver allows me to store extra rods, both safely and securely, which is an asset to my business. I love it!

Editors Note: to learn more about Drew Donaghue or our other Ambassadors CLICK HERE.

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