BACK IN-STOCK | The Quick Release Mount

BACK IN-STOCK | The Quick Release Mount

Riversmith would like to announce that we have a small and limited run of our Quick Release Mounts that are back in-stock! Please Note: Riversmith fully expects that these new Quick Release Mount units to sell out extremely fast and because this is a limited run, we encourage our customers/followers to purchase immediately if this is the right solution for you.

These mounts allow you to install, lock/unlock, and remove the River Quiver from your vehicle at any given time in seconds. The Quick Release Mount is fully locking and will work on any crossbar system and is a mounting option that works for all River Quiver models.

The Quick Release Mount is available TODAY for purchase as an accessory for either the 2-Banger or 4-Banger size, and as a mounting option with any new River Quiver. To learn more about our Quick Release Mounts and see how they are installed check out the following installation video:

All Riversmith Quick Release Mounts will ship within 7-10 business days.

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