Customer Tested - Customer Approved

Customer Tested - Customer Approved

Here are Riversmith's top three summer sellers and what our customers are saying about them. We are thrilled to hear all the stories this year directly from anglers using our premier fly fishing products and solutions. Check out a few of the top reviews below!


Quick Release Mount

River Quiver 2-Banger Quick Release Mount Set
5-star rating
"The Quick Release Mounts are awesome! The installation is quick, easy, and intuitive. Especially so if you have experience with any type of ski or board roof rack. Installation on my 4 banger took less than 30 min and that included removing the old standard mounts. The mounts are also about two inches lower than the old standard mounts which is great for creating a little lower profile look on my truck. Wish there was spot to upload a couple pics! Make these standard for every purchase!!!"
- Justin H

Quick Release Mounts can be purchased as an upgrade, or they can be purchased with any ShortCut, Standard, or Euro RQ





2-Banger Black River Quiver

5-star rating
"Solid and very well built. This is the perfect solution for carrying rigged rods. I've tried it all, breaking the rods (but leaving them rigged) works, but can lead to tangles depending on how you've rigged. I've found when I'm set up for stillwater indicator fishing it is particularly tangle-prone. I've stuck the rod tip out the back window of my truck, but I always manage to jam a guide against the window frame. I take trips leaving Friday after work to fish Saturday. It'll be nice to have rods rigged and ready so all I have to do is roll out of bed and head to wherever I'm fishing." 

- Glenn




SwiftCast Raft Rod Holder


5-star rating
"These are a huge upgrade from my DIY rod holders I previously had. The appearance is much more sleek and clean, they are also very easy to use. I really like how long the opening in the channel is on top, this makes it really easy to slide rods in and out without having to reach too far. The channel is also deep enough that your rod drops all the way to the bottom where it is very protected and locked in place.  Overall this is a super cool and innovative product."

-Kaleb O





It is truly amazing to connect with people who share our passion for fly fishing and hear how our products have continued to fuel this passion. As our product line has grown, we wanted to highlight YOUR feedback on the products we built to protect your fly fishing gear and help you fish more! 

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