Guide Tested: The Landon Mayer Edition

Guide Tested: The Landon Mayer Edition

Professional guide, author, and Riversmith Ambassador Landon Mayer has been putting our products to the test for years.

“The River Quiver is the best rooftop fly rod carrier available; professional-level functionality and professional looking," said Mayer. "I use it every day and it is an important part of my fishing/guiding gear. It is easy to access and the two 4 Banger Quivers hold all my client's rods and reels - 4 weight through 8 weight, rigged for dries, nymphs, and streamers. You cannot beat the durability in all elements and the opportunity to have four arrows at the ready. I recommend one to all anglers!”

Having two 4-Bangers on his rig, it is clear Landon has had plenty of time to get familiar with the River Quiver - during all of seasons here in Colorado.

We love getting feedback from industry professionals like Landon and wanted to share his experience using the River Quiver.

If you've had a great experience with a River Quiver, our Customer Experience Team, or any of our other products, let your voice be heard by publishing a review on our Google Review Page.

To read more about Landon Mayer and the Riversmith Ambassador Program CLICK HERE.  

To learn more about the River Quiver CLICK HERE.

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