Swiftcast Rodholder Review | by Geoff Mueller

Swiftcast Rodholder Review | by Geoff Mueller

People who are into fishing rafts tend to be really into the things that go into them. I know this because I’m one of those obsessives who spends a lot of time weighing the merits of everything from the right tie-down straps to the right anchor ropes to the right frame configurations to the right koozies for a multiday float on the North Fork of the Middle Finger.

Install is a no-brainer. With a couple of pieces of 2X4s to create separation between the rubber and the raft frame, the Swiftcast goes on mostly headache-free. I chose a left-side configuration, with the reel end of the rod tube aimed at the angler sitting in the bow, and with the curvature of the Swiftcast hugging the stern of the raft.

On the water, the Swiftcast does as described, providing safe nesting for rods in need of a timeout. The curved tube comes in two pieces, with two clips that hold it together. Without additional support this tube section can rotate upside-down, potentially destroying your heirloom Winston and defeating the Swiftcast’s protective purpose. The included Mole with Velcro Strap solves the issue, allowing you to lash the Swiftcast (or multiple Swiftcasts) over and around your raft tube, locking the unit in place. This enclosed end piece can also fill with water. Just pop the clips to drain it, or DIY-drill some drain holes into the bottom to let it breathe.

If you’re looking to improve the fishing performance of your raft — the Swiftcast’s price, durability and convenience make it easy to justify. The more rods it saves, the more value it gains. 

For additional information about the Swiftcast CLICK HERE.

Geoff Mueller is senior editor at The Drake Magazine.  He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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