ShortCut Truck Bed Mount Five Star Product Reviews

ShortCut Truck Bed Mount Five Star Product Reviews

Check out the early reviews of our newly released ShortCut River Quiver with Truck-Bed Mount. Getting gear tested by customers early on in the design process is a critical component of our success here at Riversmith.

The ShortCut River Quiver paired with this revolutionary mounting system is a great option for anyone looking to conserve space in their vehicle while still getting to the river faster. Simply split your fully rigged rod in half and the ShortCut RQ safely stores your rods while maximizing real estate on your vehicle - purpose built to protect your fly rods.

Thank you for a great product.
"I finally found the time to mount it and I love it. Since I have a Ford tonneau cover that retracts, I had to mount it lower in the bed, but it still fits perfectly. I can now lock the tailgate the, tonneau cover and the rod case and no one will even know my rods are in the truck. Thank you for a great product. It’s very solid, and I look forward to years of use." - Dereck S.



Works better than described
"Best accessory I have added to my Tacoma. Easy to install, though I do recommend using an impact driver to keep things tight over off road trips. Best way to keep you fly rods when jumping from stream to stream." - Charles T. 


Fits perfectly under my Diamond Back cover...
"Big thank you to the Riversmith crew on helping me pick out and mount the new shortcut, John and Rick were great and it fits perfectly under my Diamond Back cover.  Already used it and it works great." - Bob T


The build quality is just what I expected...
"I received my Riversmith Bed Mount ShortCut, I am beyond happy. I have a 2021 Toyota Tacoma with a Tonneau cover, and damn if it did not fit perfectly. I am a huge minimalist when it comes to the truck, all respect to the over-land community, but they have entirely too much stuff hanging off their clean trucks. I am by no means a stud, but I do some dirt bag things, and having some fly fishing gear with me is a great way to slow down, and have some fun. The build quality is just what I expected, and the install was clean. I was pleasantly surprised that I had enough room to keep my shovel in place and accessible. You guys are the sh!t, I appreciate what you do and how you do it. Thank you." -Michael L


For more information about the solution or to place an order today you can check out our ShortCut and Truck Mount product page.  Or, for a more in depth video explaining why we made this product, CLICK HERE.  

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