Somewhere In Montana - With Jesse Males

Somewhere In Montana - With Jesse Males

Words and Photos: Jesse Males

Being a fly fishing guide in Montana means that often times we are on the water with clients 28 days a month. However, that doesn’t slow some of us down from getting out there after work and catching a few fish for ourselves.

loading river quivers with fly rods
A Riversmith River Quiver somewhere in Montana

After dropping off our clients at the guide shop, my good friend Lindsay Koenig (@troutprincess) and I (@backwaterflyfishing), made it out to the river to decompress and hopefully put a few fish in the net. This time of year in Montana the weather starts getting hot so wet wading is the way to go around here.

Jesse Males montana fly fishing photo collage

Needless to say the fish were eager to eat a few well-placed nymphs and it wasn’t long before we each had fish in the net. Nothing beats the feeling of getting out there, catching a few fish for yourself and remembering why you love what you do.

Jesse Males fly fishing guide from Montana, USA photo essay collage

Now, like any true Montana native, Lindsay doesn’t go anywhere without her dogs. This afternoon presented the perfect time to bring them along while fishing but also make sure they went home clean as a whistle.

Fly Fishing expert and Riversmith Ambassador Jesse Males in Montana

Don’t worry…this shampoo was made of all natural ingredients and bathing them in the river didn’t harm a thing.

Afternoons like this remind all of us guides why we hustle the way we do on the river. Guiding isn’t always about catching as many fish as possible but about sharing our love for fly fishing in a way that allows our clients to see the beauty and value of these wild places.

About The Author

Jesse Males is an International fly fishing guide, award winning filmmaker, and fly designer from Central Florida

Jesse Males is an International fly fishing guide, award winning filmmaker, and fly designer from Central Florida. He currently guides Summers in Montana, Fall in Costa Rica, and Winter/Spring hosted trips to Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Belize. Aside from his 7 month guide schedule, he spends the other 5 months a year working on freelance photo and video projects in the outdoor industry.

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