ShortCut River Quiver Mounting Video

ShortCut River Quiver Mounting Video

There are two easy installation options for the Truck Bed Mount for ShortCut River Quivers.  In this short time lapse video, Riversmith Ambassador Jakob Burleson shows just how quick and easy the cargo rail installation is.

The ShortCut River Quiver paired with this revolutionary mounting system is a great option for anyone looking to conserve space in their vehicle while still getting to the river faster. Simply split your rod in half and the ShortCut RQ safely stores your rods while maximizing real estate in your vehicle - purpose built to protect your fly rods.

This new solution fits standard truck beds (greater than 68") or short beds (60-68") and includes hardware for both cargo rails and our direct-to-bed option.  To check out additional installation videos including how to install a ShortCut using the Direct-To-Bed Panel option CLICK HERE.

The River Quiver Shortcut is available for ordering and shipment today.


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