More Time On The Water: River Quiver Gear Review

More Time On The Water: River Quiver Gear Review

A Gear Review By Jakob Burleson

I have two Standard River Quiver 4-Bangers on my truck and it makes traveling with several rods in tow a piece of cake. Typically, if I am heading out on a multi-day trip or even a day of fishing multiple fisheries I will have one quiver full of my rods and I leave the second unit for my friend's rods. As recommended, I have added the Reel Box Pads for an element of added protection for my reels but I typically keep the reels in their cases as well.

The River Quiver is very easy to assemble and install thanks to well thought-out directions along with a video assembly to follow along with if that's more your style.

Having two of these a top your vehicle is a bit of a statement if you're not a guide, but any flack you may catch falls to the wayside when you know how much easier it makes packing and preparing for a day or multiple days of fishing, not to mention the fact that having a rigged rod ready to go as soon as you park allows for more time on the water... that's just science.

Rest at ease knowing your rods are protected, rigged and ready to go with a Quiver.

Editor's Note: Jakob Burleson is a Riversmith Ambassador. He was born and raised along the front range of Colorado and joined forces with Riversmith and the River Quiver line of professional grade fly rod roof racks.

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