Part II: A Look Back at 2023 and Look forward into 2024

Part II: A Look Back at 2023 and Look forward into 2024

Before jumping ahead into 2024 we thought it would be a good idea to take a breath and look back at 2023.  If you missed Part I of this series, CLICK HERE.

6) We'll pick it back up by looking at June of 2023 where we announced that Riversmith’s flagship product, the River Quiver, was available for ordering and shipping to most European countries, South America, New Zealand and Iceland!  Shipping costs and details: $200 USD Flat Rate Economy International (Duties & Taxes Included).

7) In July, Riversmith Ambassador Alyssa Adcock published a two part photo essay titled "What Swims Below."  Here are links to Part I and Part II.  

8) In August Riversmith was proud to support Ambassador Landon Mayer and all of the volunteers and other sponsors who participated in the 8th Annual “Clean the Dream” river cleanup event. The event was held  along the banks of the South Platte River.  Landon spearheaded an effort that ended up clearing 3100 pounds of trash from this Colorado fishery with the help of almost 300 local anglers.

9) We would be remiss not to give a huge shout out and "thank you" to all of the Riversmith Ambassadors.  A few of which were able to make it to the first Riversmith Roundup held somewhere here in Colorado.  You can read all about the Roundup and fun we had HERE.

10) In early fall we created a new video announcing introduction of the River Quiver ShortCut with Truck Bed Mounts - purpose built to discreetly protect your fly rods. If you missed this one, the ShortCut River Quiver is a great option for anyone looking to conserve space on their vehicle while still getting to the river faster. Simply split your fully rigged rod in half and the ShortCut RQ safely stores your rods while maximizing real estate on your vehicle.

Looking forward into 2024 & New Products

We have a lot in store for our customers and followers as we move into 2024.  Riversmith is a company built on the principles of engineering solutions for the avid fly fisherman. Our fly fishing and travel products are built for those who expect the finest craftsmanship and performance out of their gear – and we intend to continue to expand on these principles with new and exciting products.

Stay tuned... we think you're going to like what you see.  


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