Riversmith Round Up: Part I

Riversmith Round Up: Part I

Editor’s Note: This is a three-part photo essay to capture the fun and adventure we had in August of 2023.  All photos by John Isola, Matt Hartman, Andy Braker, Mari Tobler, and Will Rice.

Last month, Riversmith decided to close our doors for a few days to get our team out on a fishing adventure with a few of our Product Ambassadors.  We rallied – somewhere in Colorado – for a few hard-earned days of fly fishing, product testing, river exploring and good ‘ol fashion summertime fun.

In Part I of this series, we’ll highlight the ‘who’ part of the equation.

Riversmith Ambassadors are fly fishing community members who fish, create, and help others on and off the water.

Andy Braker
John Isola
Matt Hartman
Mike Pogoda

Most of our Ambassadors are guides and spend countless hours on the water with clients, teaching not only the technical aspects of fishing – but also about the culture, etiquette and sharing conservation best practices and efforts. Other Ambassadors are enthusiastic content creators who fish hard and help inspire others to understand what fly fishing is all about and also to take their fly fishing game to the next level. Whether that be a new fishing technique, exploring new fisheries, or chasing new species and tackling new adventures.

At Riversmith, we're adventurers at heart and leaders in innovation. Our products and the experiences they create should spark and inspire you to fish differently and more dynamically. 

John Koza - CEO
Jason Thomas - Director of Product Design
Mari Tobler - Digital Content Management
Rick Mikesell - Dealer Sales & Customer Experience
Scott Nelson - Production
Nelson Oxley - Social Media Management
Will Rice - Director of Marketing

The game plan was to spend four to five days on the water... test out gear... and hopefully find a few fish.

Stay tuned for Parts II and III of the Riversmith Roundup...


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  • Fish Hands Franky

    The Swiftcast Raft Rod shoulders look awesome on the River Rat rafts. John Isola mentioned they are working well for him. I’m an admin for the RR Owners Facebook group and I’ve shot a few videos about the rafts. Would love to do a video about the rod holders for our Facebook group members. Please let me know if this would be of interest. I trust John’s opinion.

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